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Garage Door Perth Prices

From time to time we get inquiries about garage door Perth prices and are happy to discuss that.  Having said that what’s more important is getting a good understanding of our prospective clients needs and objectives are and trying to come up with the best options.  We sourced the following article online which does a good job of explaining this dilemma and helping you understand what’s most important when sourcing garage door prices in your area.

Looking for garage door prices in Perth WA

In today’s blog, I’d like to discuss garage door prices. Well, this blog isn’t just about the pricing of garage doors, but about purchasing nearly anything. Most don’t recognize it, but it’s all an emotional experience.

A great deal is really only a perception. The same price for the same product to two different clients could leave one buyer with the warm fuzzies while the other client has buyer’s remorse. Why is that?

damaged garage doorIn most cases, it comes down to customer service. In my company, we see this from time to time. Some staff members can do a fantastic job of matching a customer to the right product, while others don’t ask enough questions. They don’t go the few extra steps to educate the client and make sure that we recommend the best buyer- product match. Sometimes, there are customers that just aren’t right for our company. Many prospective clients want to buy parts, want used doors, or want dented and damaged door panels. To them, a superior product has no real value. Our great customer service means little because they only want a minimum viable product. We just aren’t in that business.

There are also cases that customers don’t feel as if they received top value because some technicians don’t take the time to fully explain the advantages of our product, the manufacturer’s warranty, proper operation, care and the additional services that we include in our packages that go above and beyond what any other door company provides. The truth is that if the customer is not aware of what they are getting……………………………………… then it doesn’t exist.

I often ask our staff members a very important pricing question. I’ll generally hand them a book off of the shelf in my office to illustrate the point.

Are garage door prices the most important thing to consider?

“What is this book worth?” They often flip the book over, check the price tag on the back and recite the price listed.

Is the price tag the real value of any product? I would certainly hope not. Why would a person exchange $30 for a random stack of useless paper? If the content in the book does not well exceed $30 then you would not part with your money.

At our door company, our openers, springs and door installations are generally sold in inclusive packages. These packages include extras that other door companies use to nickel and dime you with. When these extras are not explained, customers take them for granted.

So, as I’ve often contended, price is just an arbitrary number. Value is what customers want. They want a product, a warranty and service that well exceeds the price that they pay.

Don’t just give a customer a price, give them value for their money.  You can always visit the local Perth WA housing authority.

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As you can see from the article above there are more important considerations to be making than price alone.  With that said feel free to contact AAA Garage door pros with any question you may have regarding garage door perth prices.

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